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About the site
What is BadSequels.com? This is a website that is a celebration of mad movie sequels, essentially. We are people who love all kinds of movies, good and bad. Here we focus on part 2’s and the Part 3’s and beyond. Did you know are THREE Butterfly Effect movies? Yes, there are two sequels to Ashton Kutcher movie. And without this site you wouldn’t know about things like. However also tackle the bigger sequels, the Godfather 3’s, the Martix: Revolutions’ of world. We all know they didn’t meet the hype should have and here we delve into why.

Fancy yourself a film critic? Like to write bunch? By all means, submit review! If we like what you have say the may very well find your review posted here on site, with full credit of course! Email awfulsequels[at]gmail[dot]com.

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If you like what you read and want to support the site or find yourself interested enough to want to pick up a copy of the movie on DVD or BluRay, at end of every review, will that links to Amazon where can buy them for pretty decent prices. Any sales made those links will be credited the site help cover server costs. Additionally, you can simply click the big ol’ Amazon banner below and anything you buy will credited to us as well.

About the Author

Chris loves truly terrible movies. He owns The Happening on Blu Ray and has seen Cry Baby far more than most people would admit. Read more ranting from Chris at www.Haynerfide.com or www.TastyLies.com