Cruel Intentions 3

Sequel to: Cruel Intentions, Cruel Intentions 2
Starring:Kerr Smith, Kristina Anapau

This is what happens when rich, evil, and dramatic spoiled brats are allowed in the general population of college. Not really. Our three core characters are Jason, Cassidy, and Patrick.

The flick kicks off with Jason betting Cassidy 10 grand to sleep with Patrick (a dorky, asthmatic, unpopular fellow) and an additional ten grand if she can then bed “Prince” Christopher, a rather stuffy British bloke. Well, of course Patrick hops into bed without a question and shows up at her house hours later with flowers, only to discover Cassidy on a date with Christopher. Christopher bounces out and Patrick Keyser Söze‘s into a suave, nasty little man who initiated the bet between Jason & Cassidy and now Cassidy owes Patrick ten grand. And thus begins about an hour of nonsense. Jason and Patrick enter into a new bet with Cassidy, each assigned a girl in a relationship they have to bed.

Add to that, Jason is obviously in lust with Cassidy, ala Sebestian and Kathryn of the first (without the icky incestuous part) so it feels slightly recycled. It almost leads you to think Cassidy and Jason found love and left this behind when with a twist the game is back on. This movie is bad. The dialogue is cheesy, the acting is sub-par, and to be honest, the lighting sucks and it constantly looks like one person is in a shadow. The sex scenes are lame and unrealistic, think late night Skinemax. One thing deserving of mention is a mild rape scene and a framed rape scene. In the end, the rapist gets his dues by a well executed fake rape. So this begs the question of whether or not it’s okay to fake a rape in a means-to-an-end way, which really is the only part of the movie I felt like mentioning after watching.

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