It seems I’m writing a book.

The following has been written in chunks over the past few weeks, apologies if it doesn’t flow well.

I was getting better at keeping the writing ideas more alive here and then I suddenly stopped, so I thought maybe I’d check in as to why that happened.

About a month ago I thought of an interesting story I’d like to read about, so I set out to find a book that fit the bill.  Unfortunately I couldn’t quite find anything like the idea I had rattling around in my brain.  That’s when the idea hit me like a ton of bricks.  Why don’t I explore the idea?

I’ve never really fancied myself a writer.  I try to better myself as one and I like to write about things here on this site, but I’ve never set out to write a story.  Especially nothing fiction-based.  I don’t even read a ton of fiction, something I’ve been trying to change the past couple years.

So with all that in mind I set out to write something, not really sure what it would become.  It quickly ballooned far beyond what I thought about doing initially.  I kept explaining it as I was “writing something” or “writing a story” but what’s become clear to me recently, as I’m closing in on 100 pages, is I’m writing a book.

It might be an awful idea, it might be a terrible read, but it’s allowing me to be creative in a way I haven’t been in years and I’m really loving it.  I’m also becoming insanely protective of it.  As I write I’m also going back and revising.  I am seeing what (little) skills I do have evolve as I go through this.  It’s also helping me with a sense of decent story development.

If I’d simply rolled with the idea as I originally intended it I don’t think it’d be all that good.  But as I write, read, then rewrite I’m starting to realize what would help the story as well as what would hurt it.  Mix in my chatting with people about it and running ideas by friends…I like where it’s going.

It’s becoming very bleak.  The world this story exists in isn’t a world with much hope.  That wasn’t my intention at first, however as I go forward I realize that to do the story justice I need to be as true to reality as I can be.  And in reality things wouldn’t be going so well.

If you’re interested in following the progress I’m making with it I’m regularly updating my Tumblr site with info.  It turns out Tumblr is an interesting community filled with all kinds of people, including a lot of writers.  It’s been very useful.  So please follow along!

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