Occupy my blog.

I never meant to disappear from here for so long.  I was occupying my couch, several bar stools, and my desk at work.  Nothing important like Wall Street, or some park in LA.  That’s actually what made me think of coming back.  And that’s what this is all about.

Did you know there’s a bit to do happening all over the country?  Of course you did.  It’s a pretty big news item the past couple weeks.  People are protesting in masses, fighting back against the “man.”  That “man” is corporate America who has violated us like we’re pretty people in prison.  And they really have.  We’ve spun out of control from where we were, say, 10 years ago.  Remember those days?  Say…September 10, 2011.  Different time, man.  Different time.  We were a prosperous nation with money to spare!  Way to go us!  That’s just not the case anymore.  We’re trillions in the hole or some such nonsense.  It’s way too depressing to look up the real number, and it’s to easy to be reminded that China would have good cause to flat out takeover.  I mean…if I don’t pay rent I get evicted.  Right?

So these protests are a great thing, right?  We’ll show them!  The problem is…There are far too few people offering genuine thought on how to solve said problems.  And those proposing ideas are, well…Let’s just say their goals are lofty.  At one point a splinter group of the occupiers wanted free public transit, free college, free healthcare, and free other things.  It would be paid for via higher taxes on the rich, among other things.  The problem is…Those are unrealistic goals.  And naturally, as groups tend to go, in-fighting put a stop to even those demands.  Now there is no official set of goals of demands.  And no official leadership.  They say they are there to deliver a message.  But the message is “Hey fix it, but we don’t know how!”  That’s not a good message to send.

If you want change you have to at least have some ideas on what that change should be.  Protest CAN facilitate change.  Camping in a park and whining about it can’t.  Get some leadership together, think our some thorough goals, and present them.  You can’t simply yell about how evil corporations are ruining the country.

This is a problem.  You see “Wall Street” and “Corporations” aren’t some evil being looking down on everyone.  At the end of the day corporations and Wall Street are just people.  They have the power because we give them the power.  You want the corporations to change their ways?  Why not organize a widespread boycott of the corporations most at fault?

At the end of the day this is a far lazier generation than those of the past.  This ‘protest’ is actually a bunch of people laying around, talking on their smart phones, typing away on their laptop computers, camping.  Not really a protest.  And doesn’t really accomplish anything.  At all.  But what about people who REALLY want to Occupy Wall Street?  People who really want to work towards making a change?  Well, Forbes Magazine has several solid ideas about things you can actually change to do your part to make the change.

Sadly, it seems most people would rather be “part of something” than find the actual solution.