A lot has changed.

It seems my last time posting here was in August. At the time was toiling away in a Starbucks on the weekends, writing my first book. I still haven’t finished it. In truth, I haven’t touched it in months. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about it pretty regularly, though. I do. In fact, it’s been on my mind pretty regularly the past few weeks and when I finally have the time for it, there’s going to be some major restructuring. I see now several mistakes I made along the way.

But that’s not why I wanted to post tonight. This post is more to explain a fairly huge difference between now and then. For one, I’m no longer in Wisconsin. It’s old news to most, but I never really put pen to paper (or fingers to keys in this instance) to actually talk about it. I now write to you from sunny (Not sunny, it’s midnight) Southern California.

I made the move over the New Year, packing what I could fit in the car and driving from Wisconsin. I left my job at Sinclair to write about movies and celebrities. That means exactly what it says. Check this out…

It’s pretty wild.

I also get to do cool things like go to movie junkets, interview people (Rebecca Hall, Ty Simpkins) and in general seem to get to do a bunch of cool stuff. I’m sure there’s a downside, there’s always one. I’ve yet to find it though and I hoe it stays that way for a good long time.

The other bright side is I feel like my writing improved by the day, which is really the ultimate goal.

That all said, I do miss Wisconsin quite a bit. Mostly the people. Sure, there are places I miss. Bars mostly. I’m not sure what that says. Nothing good, I assume. But in the end it’s friends and family I miss. It’s a little crazy. I look forward to getting back for a visit as soon as I can.

This should probably end about now.

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