A lot has changed.

It seems my last time posting here was in August. At the time was toiling away in a Starbucks on the weekends, writing my first book. I still haven’t finished it. In truth, I haven’t touched it in months. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about it pretty regularly, though. …


My Friend, The WWE Champion.

In which I pal around with the rich and famous…And Brooke Hogan. Join me on my Wrestlemania Adventure, all on the WWE’s dime.


My Five Favorite Movies.

Wherein I meander my way through my five favorite movies of all time, and a couple alternates ready to step up to bat.


An Ode to Childhood: Pizza Crunchabungas

Journey down the rabbit hole as I remember the greatest of pizza flavored corn snacks sold my mutant turtles! Also inside is a look at the Ninja Turtles’ epic music career.

Occupy my blog.

I never meant to disappear from here for so long.  I was occupying my couch, several bar stools, and my desk at …