MAD Magazine is hiring, which sent me back through my history with the magazine. I was always a MAD guy over a Cracked guy and would already read it at the grocery store while my mom was in the checkout line. Cut to when I was a hormonal teenager who, thanks to the likes of TRL, was as blasted in the face with pop music as anyone else. I liked the Spice Girls, had varying levels of crushes on all of them and when my beloved MAD Magazine took aim at them with the cover of their November 1997 issue, I was livid.

How could something I love betray something else I was into? I was so driven with rage that I actually wrote a letter to the editors of MAD to defend┬áthe Spice Girls and their talents. That’s right, I put pen to paper, shoved it in an envelope, slapped a stamp on it and away it went.

A couple of months later, the newest issue of MAD arrive and there, in the pages of the thing I’d loved since I was a kid, were my words. And my name. MAD published my letter. Then immediately began mocking me.

Because it’s MAD. OF COURSE they mocked me. And I loved every second of it. As silly as my letter was, I was officially part of MAD canon. I mean, I wasn’t a spy or a spy or anything like that but I was in MAD Magazine and it was clearly where I peaked.

The issue, which had a cover about wrestling because MAD gets me,is not something I have a copy of anymore for one reason or the other. But after some clever searching of the internet I actually found a scanned copy of it and the letter I submitted.

Behold, teenage Chris.