Sex and The City 2

I stumbled upon this last night by accident, it had already been on for ten minutes. Carrie and Mr Big were both wearing tuxedos to this WAY over the top wedding  for Anthony and Stanford.  I think it was the tuxedos that drew me in so I figured what the heck. And when Liza Minelli showed up singing Beyonce’s Single Ladies, AND dancing like Beyonce, I figured I HAD to watch this.

I enjoy Sex and The City 1, I really did. It was funny and heartbreaking and just a good time to watch. Carrie and Mr Big finally got it together. Charlotte had her little family, Samantha was sort of tied down but watching her sexy neighbor have sex and Miranda was trying to patch up her marriage.

What could they possibly do in Sex and The City 2? I wondered.

Here in a nutshell:

Carrie and Mr Big are settling into married life, he buys a flat screen instead of a ring for Carrie and their whole word comes to a screeching halt.

Charlotte’s knee deep in a screaming baby and a nanny who doesn’t wear a bra, and she is afraid her hubby will wander.

Miranda is working at a law firm with a boss who is threatened by her.

Samantha drags everyone off to Abu Dhabi for a girls vacation, all paid for by a Shiehk she knows.  I missed  that part. Sorry

And off they go!

I guess someone thought that maybe a storyline of the differences between American women and Middle Eastern women would be a good idea.  The ignorance about how these women eat with scarves over their faces was pretty unbearable to watch. While the four girls are sitting out with most of their bits to see.  Cultural lesson check! Thank you ladies.

Ex boyfriends turn up, kissing happens, Mr Big gets mad, camels are ridden, a mysterious man from Denmark sweeps Samantha off her feet and they get arrested trying to have sex on a beach and they get kicked out of their  hotel for it. Passports get lost at the market, Samantha’s purse filled with condoms and it explodes in front of everyone, enraging the men, so she flips them all off. SIGH They meet some women who shed their protective wear only to be wearing New York fashion underneath…it goes on and on.

Ends with Carrie getting her ring and Samantha and Mr Denmark doing it FREELY on an American beach. Whatever.

This movie had some good points which is why I kept watching, but I was left with a bad taste in my mouth when it was done.  Maybe I was a bit embarrassed by the way they were portraying Americans as sex starved scantily clad beasts and the whole air of “well I am an AMERICAN and my way is the right way”.

Or maybe it was the story book ending of fantasy that turned me off.

I am thinking it probably was Samantha on the hood of the car getting railed…sorry I can’t describe it in any other words.

I guess if you are a fan of everything Sex and The City then you would enjoy this.

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