Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Sequel to: Twin Peaks (TV Series)
Starring: Sheryl Lee, Moira Kelly, David Bowie, Chris Isaak, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Wise, Kyle MacLachlan

I have to admit, I did not watch the entire run of Twins Peaks when it was on air. Being 16, I had more important things in my life such as ‘does my boyfriend hate me or will I get a carnation on Flower Day?’  But what I did see I enjoyed.

Which brings me to this movie.  A prequel of Twin Peaks with all of your favorite zany characters reprising their roles. Laura Palmer is STILL alive and kicking and a very, very bad girl.  Maybe I shouldn’t be blogging about this as I really didn’t follow the show after a while, but if you have and have not seen ‘how it all began’, maybe this will help.

What you have is the unnecessary murder of a young women in a hotel room that sparks the flame, so to speak.  Kyle MacLachlan returns as Dale Cooper to investigate this murder, taking place a year before Laura’s demise. You can be certain there are plenty of bends in twists in the murder of Theresa.  From cryptic phrases, to lucid dreams and letters stuffed under fingernails. But that is David Lynch for ya’.

Fast forward a year, you meet the one and only Laura Palmer, crowned homecoming queen, who dabbles in the dark seedy underworld of sex and cocaine.  And with quite a few daddy issues as it turns out. We are led into a world of make believe, small men speaking in backwards reverb, children wearing death masks and high school.

Laura is a hot mess. Probably has a bit to do with her father Leland, being a somewhat bi-polar schizophrenic who enjoys prostitutes…Which is what Laura happens to be!  You  FINALLY realize towards the end of the rocky ride of Laura’s life that indeed, there is an incestuous relationship between herself and her father, who in the end goes bat shit crazy and kills her. Which brings you to that day when the beautiful, angel faced Laura Palmer washes up on the beach.

This movie will either tick you off (as Wikipedia mentions, short of setting the theater on fire,  it was booed at the Cannes festival in 1992) or make you think. David Lynch has this uncanny way of taking something as simple as eating dinner with the family and turning it into the worst possible  nightmare you have ever experienced. So if you are a fan of his work, then you may “enjoy” this movie. I use that term loosely because there are themes in this movie that no one should ever enjoy. But seeing it as art for arts sake.

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