Grease 2

Sequel to: Grease
Starring: Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, Adrian Zmed, Lorna Luft

I don’t know what it is about this movie, but I kind of like it. I wouldn’t say it was as BAD as it was made out to be. But there are a few moments where you want to hide your face because you are embarrassed by what is going on on screen.

I don’t know who sits around and conjures up these schemes to bleed something till its dry, but in all honesty, they should have stuck with Grease and only Grease.  You would think some would learn, but I guess it is hard to see if you have money signs slapping you in the face.

So basically you have the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies and then you have the innocent minded foreigner who transfers to Rydell High. Sounds familiar?

Aside from the obvious similarities, now we have the motorcycle gang T-birds (remember they enjoyed their cars). The Pink Ladies are the same.  And the foreign exchange student is Michael (Maxwell Caulfield), Sandy’s cousin.

Michelle Pfeiffer(in her first starring role) plays the leader of the Pink Ladies, Stephanie. Tired of her role in the group, she breaks up with Johnny, leader of the T-Birds (Played by Adrian Zmed).

Enter Michael, who falls in love with Stephanie at first sight…And  hilarity ensues.  She wants a ‘cool rider who can burn her thru and thru’ and Michael…Well he is all argyle and khaki pants and will never fit into her world.

So what does every lovelorn guy do to win the object of his heart’s desire? Becomes what she wants.  (Note: This does not happen in real life,believe you me I have tried). So Michael finds himself a motorcycle and teaches himself how to ride in a matter of moments and becomes her Cool Rider. All under false pretenses, of course.   This angers the T-birds, especially Johnny, and they end up chasing him off a cliff.  Naturally this is followed by tears tears tears, a talent show, and an end of school luau.  The luau is, of course, destroyed by Balmoudo (from the first Grease) and his merry band of Cycle Lords.  Luckily for everyone Cool Rider comes to save the day! He pulls of his helmet, there’s an embarrassing kiss scene, followed by an even more embarrassing closing musical number. Credits.

I do like some of the musical numbers (aside from the last one which brought tears to my eyes it was so awful). I think that is what saves the movie because they are fun catchy little ditties. Michelle Pfieffer can sing her butt off which is amazing and is so pretty you can’t help but like her character. While Maxwell Caulfield is so good looking he will make you melt a few times with those eyes. Unfortunately for him, this hurt his career a bit, and he is not afraid to mention it often.

Interesting little bits of trivia Lorna Luft who plays Pink Lady Paulette is the daughter of  Judy Garland.  And Pamela Aldon (Paulette’s younger sister Delores) is the voice of King of the Hill‘s Bobby Hill.

Although its a carbon copy of the original Grease, there are some enduring parts. The cast is talented. There are a few faces brought over from Grease to sort of ease the transition into this new world called Grease 2. But all in all, it won’t kill you to watch it. It stuck to a story, although a copied one.  It worked and is probably a safe bet. There are some sequels that make you so weirded out you want to poke your eyes out.

By the way, if this one was successful, there were plans to do two more movies and a TV series!  That sure didn’t happen.

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